Parish Pastoral Plan

The Parish Pastoral Plan 2014-2017, first draft.

Attached, on the bottom of this page, you will find the draft Parish Pastoral Plan 2014 - 2017. It is available in English, Dutch and Papiamento. Please read it slowly and reflectively. 


Parish Pastoral Plan

Implementations in the Parish of St.Martin of Tours, Roman Catholic Parish



Pastoral Plan: Since 2008, there has been a concerted effort in all the parishes of the diocese of Willemstad to implement the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.  Our parish continues the implementation within our local church looking at how best to do that…let us be proud to be the Catholic community in St. Maarten!!!(*denotes coordinator of each area)

Union and Communion

  • Mrs. Albertine Jurgensen-Mathurin
  • Mrs. Judith Halley
  • Mrs. Bernadine Stephen
  • Mrs. Amarainy Espinosa


To Gather the parish organizations in the parish hall with information / brochures / presentations on describing their ministries within the parish, including a social at the same time for fellowship including refreshment and sharing of ideas.


To identify at least 25 families in the parish who would be visited regurarly for Lectio Divina (Sharing God's Word).


Lord, Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, You came so that people may have abundant life in You. Fill us with your love to live in communion with you ond others in solidarity with those who are in need.

You call us to form a community of your disciples and missionairies, to continue the taks of evangelazation.

Come and bless our Diocesan Mission. Guide our steps to follow You, so that we see, judge and act according to your will. Send us your Holy Spirit to enlighten our mind and enkindle in us an ardent desire to fulfill this mission, the zeal to persevere and joy of belonging to your Church.

Lord Jesus, come and send us! Mary Immaculate, pray for us! Amen.


  • Mrs. Maria Henry
  • Mr. Erikson Joseph
  • Mrs. Erudine van Heyningen
  • Mr. Jospeh Brown
  • Mrs. Frida Holder
  • Mr. Juan Martinez-Fernandez
  • Mrs. Patsy Velasquez-Daniel
  • Mrs. Esther Halley
  • Fr. Miguel Lopez Flores, SVD


To build on the achieved activities promoting evangelization in the parish and to recognize 10 parishioners as evangelizers.


  1. To execute 3 activities promoting the Catholic Faith in the parish and the community.
  2. To continue with increasing evangelization information and activities in the parish and community.
  3. To stimulate interest, commitment and involvement of parishioners in evangelization.
  4. To promote and recognize evangelization activities within the parish.
  5. To collectively work with other committees to promote activities in the parish.

Planning and Structure

  • Mrs. Ludwina Hodge-Sprock
  • Mrs. Anelied Geerlings
  • Mrs. Gianne Wilson-de Weever
  • Mrs. Minerva Martina
  • Mrs. Shirley Pantholphlet-Gregorgia
  • Mrs. Yolette Hassink
  • Mrs. Juliana Hodge-Shipley


To understand work within the structures of our diocese / church, and to develop those structures with our local parish community.


To form and develop an Ushers and Greet ministers Committee.


To from a Public Relations Committee for the parish


  1. The PRC would plan and direct all public relation programs decided upon and also identify the specific communication tools needed or tp be used to reach the target groups.
  2. Develop a workshop for the PRC, to execute their tasks accordingly.
  3. The PRC must ensure that information from the church reaches the recipients in a timely manner (not after the fact)
  4. The PRC must write the press releases / news bulletins/letters / announcements to be sent to the media when necessary (website)

Formation and Education

  • Mrs. Nancy Hodge
  • Mrs. Natasha Carty
  • Mrs. Lilia Aventurin-Hodge
  • Mrs. Bernadine van Veen

GOAL: Formation of the Faithful Catechesis:

  1. Contact with IKD and the diocese
  2. Alpha Course
  3. Ongoing Faith formation for members who came into full communion in the church
  4. Catholicism Series workshops 
  5. School of Evangelization Courses to be offered
  6. Parish workshop on Porphetic Dialogue (SVD community, Chicago)


  1. Family movie night at the parish hall
  2. Gospel singer and story teller Vallimar Jansen to present a week in the schools and parish
  3. Intergenerational sessions in the parish

EDUCATION: Schools / Parish

  1. Group 8 Religious Education Exam; groups 5, 6 and 7 progress assesments
  2. Retreats for adminstration, school board, teams and catechists
  3. Certified religious educators for the parish and schools


  1. Develop post Communion program
  2. Develop post confirmation program
  3. Recruitement of new members for youth groups
  4. Caribbean Youth Day of A.E.C.
  5. World Youth Day 


  1. Establish a diaconate program in the parish
  2. Recruit candidates for leadership positions in the parish to attend the SVD College in Iowa
  3. Encourage different forums such as Vacations Week and gatherings such as National Black Men's Conference, Chicago


  • Mrs. Judy Williams
  • Mr. Osnel Mombia
  • Mr. Patrick Rohan
  • Mrs. Cathy Neff-Siegers
  • Mrs. Bernadine van Veen
  • Mrs. Renu Nandwani


To achieve uniformity and discipline in every liturgical celebration following the liturgical instructions of the universal church and Diocese (Directory Edition 2010) so as to give value to celebration and improve the quality of participation of the faithful.


Create awareness among the faithful concerning the Sacrament of Reconciliation / Penance to recapture it's value, importance and it's physical place in the church.


Identify persons with suitable talents and interests, initiating training sessions for them to take an active role in the liturgy.


Develop a wider repertoire of liturgical music, in particular, Caribbean Music.


Compile a work manual for yearly liturgical celebrations within the parish.

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