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The latest schedule for June / July / August has been added!!

If you are interested in becoming an altar server, please read the Registration Form at the bottom of this page (see Server Schedule & Other Attachments). The forms can be returned to either the Parish Rectory Office, the Center of Catechism, one of our priests or the Acolyte Coordinator.

Due to the huge amount of active altar servers already assigned to serve Masses on Saturdays combined with the short staff for the other Masses on Sundays including the Spanish Mass, sadly for this year we will only be requesting recruits for Sunday Masses. Registration is now open and the deadline for returning of the registration forms is August 25th.




What is an Acolyte?

An Acolyte is a member of the assembly who assists the Presider (Priest) during the Celebration of the Eucharist and other Liturgical Ceremonies.

Being an Acolyte at Mass is a privilege and an honor. It is a special way to serve God and God’s Holy People.

What is the function of the Ministry of Acolyte?

Besides assisting the Presider during Masses, they are also role models to the rest of the Catholic Community. What the acolytes do, how they do it, and the reverence they display in their actions during the Eucharistic Celebration can draw the people attending Mass to understand the Mass better and make their love for God Stronger. In other words, an acolyte should try to become very involved through songs and prayers during the Mass so that other people will become as well.

What are the qualifications in order to become an Acolyte?

·         Acolytes must have received the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Eucharist prior to being accepted into the ministry.

·         Acolytes should understand and appreciate the Eucharistic celebration and the other sacred rites at which they may be called to serve.

·         Acolytes should be available to attend trainings and /or special meetings.

·         Acolytes should be committed to giving their time and talent’s to our parish community and to demonstrate their willingness to serve God’s people. As much as some parents like to push their children into programs and activities. Everybody have to join the ministry on his or her own freewill.

What are the expectations of an Acolyte?

·         Acolytes will be available to serve at the Masses they are assigned to serve and arrange for substitutes if unable to.

·         Acolytes will be required to dress appropriately for their role in Mass by strictly adhering to the dress code of church. Exception to this rule is when wearing their school uniform.

·         Acolytes will arrive at least 20 minutes before Mass in order to assist with preparing the church for Mass. After Mass they are to stay behind to assist with cleanup.

·         Acolytes are to show reverence and dignity in order to blend away into the background and not be a distraction that will take away the congregation’s attention from the Mass.

·         Acolytes will show their ability to work together as a team yet still know and be able to serve a Mass by themselves when everybody else is absent.

·         Acolytes will continually demonstrate their acceptability as acolytes throughout their trainings and services. Acolytes can be removed from the Ministry by the coordinator with due notice.

·         If, at any time one is unable to continue as an Acolyte, please contact the Acolyte Coordinator to inform them why one need to discontinue their service. 

Acolytes need to know and understand the different parts of the Mass in order to help make their task easier.

How does one join the ministry of Acolyte?

Close to the end of each school year the registration will be opened for anybody interested in joining the ministry. All registration forms will be filled in and returned as indicated on the forms. Registration will close end of August. In August, the first of much training will be taking place. After observance and evaluations, those who are deemed ready to serve will be selected and installed in November, in preparation for the Liturgical Year.

Anybody who recently moved to the island and was already in the Ministry from another Parish and wish to join our Ministry can contact the Acolyte Coordinator. Confirmation of the services with the other Parish will be required first before allowed to continue with their services here.

How can one get more information about the Acolyte Ministry?

In order to get more information they can contact the Acolyte Coordinator via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 586-0533.


A profile from our Coordinator; MR. Georgino (Gino) Barnes

 I was born in St. Maarten and attended the Sister Magda Primary School. When I was young, Brother Clayton from the Living Waters approached me asking if I would be interested in being an acolyte. It had been a while since the Risen Christ Church during the time when Fr. Wilson was the Parish Pastor had an acolyte. I replied yes. Together with 2 other acolytes we were trained by the Living Waters and first served in 1992 as a birthday present to Fr. Wilson from the Risen Christ Church. There after I served for 5½ years in all 3 churches in our parish until I went abroad for studies.

In 2006 I returned from my studies and have been living here since.

In 2012 I responded to a request in the parish bulletin where they were seeking somebody to be acolyte coordinator. I replied to the request offering myself to be the coordinator. For the next few months I trained and observed alongside Fr. Manuel, who was the coordinator at the time. Upon his departure later that same year I took over. Since that time I have been training the servers and getting things organized. My aim is to become more efficient between the 3 churches of our Parish. I would like to get it so well organized for whoever takes over after me in the future.

I still love being an acolyte and I am always willing to serve whenever the need calls for it. 





A profile from (Acolyte)



Acolyte Schedule & Other Attachments

The Attachment below contains the schedule of the Masses and the assigned altar servers that is last updated:  July 3rd, 2017.
A copy of the parish's approved 2015 Acolyte Guidebook is available below for those who lost their copy as well as for those who are curious to learn more about being an altar server in our parish.


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