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Philipsburg Choir

The background of the choir was written by Mrs. Sonia Vlaun one of the pillars of the Philipsburg Choir, as this information is written on paper as documentation some of the strong choir members that gave the Philipsburg choir the edge Elise Peterson, Mrs. Alice Molanus, Patsy Vlaun, Patsy, Jonella, Catherine Rollan, Marjorie, 

Parish Priest Rev. Father Standenmeyer 

Choir Conductor Sister Angelique

Organists Mrs. Mary da Sylva

Mr. Stanley Geerlings and Mr. Tyrone Phelipa

Sister Angelique was transferred to St. Eustatius After she left Sister Rafael took over the task as choir conductor

After Sister Rafael went back to Holland Mrs. Alice Molanus took over the task as conductor

When Rev. Father Heyliger was parish Priest he also played the organ 

On Good Friday the choir dramatized the crucifixion together with South Reward Choir Mrs. Joan Mayers was the conductor for this activity after which she took over the task of choir conductor.

Some of the Philipsburg Choir members left the island, after that some members joined the choir with Mrs. Mayers and some joined the South Reward choir.

The feast of St. Cecilia is on November 22nd she is regarded as the patroness of Church Music If the feast falls during the week, we used to have a choir recital on the following Sunday with the choirs of Dutch and French side. Each choir gave a rendition of two hymns.  

At this moment the Philipsburg Choir coordinated by Ms. Catherine Rollan (5867802) with the help of members all chip in to keep the choir going. At present there is no Choir conductor and Father Bob assist with the music and plays the organ. The music ministry is done with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to the Glory of God.  Choir members to date are: Gemma Calliste, Ricardo Heyliger; Horrel Laquerre; Evelyn Dopewell; Grace Charles; Sita Eleonora; Johnny Elizea; Janine Hunte; Amalia Richards; Adelita Javois; Nicky Cordice; Madelene St. Louis; Ruby Heyliger; Catherine Rollan; and Maria Henry. Persons are invited to join the choir and share their talent, the choir practice on Tuesdays from 8:00p.m. 


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