Lenten Mission with Deacon Christopher

The 2019 Lenten Mission of the St. Martin of Tours Parish was held from March 27 through 29 in the Church of the Risen Christ. Every evening, there was be a praise & worship service and a scripture reading before Deacon Christopher began to preach.

Practice forgiveness in order to become a good disciple 

The Roman Catholic Parish on Sint Maarten was left inspired this week with the visit of ordained Deacon Christopher Gooden out of Jamaica. Deacon Christ led the annual Lenten Mission from Monday, March 25th through Wednesday, March 27th.
Nightly interactive sessions were held at the Risen Christ Church under the theme “Becoming His disciples”. The congregations of the 3 communities came out in numbers to be renewed in mind and spirit. Addressing the parish on the final evening Wednesday, March 27th , Deacon Christ, encouraged the congregation to practice forgiveness. The theme of the evening was ‘Forgiveness as the Path to Peace’. Deacon Christ pointed out that, “Our main weakness is unforgiveness, which is deep rooted and affects communities, families, history and so on.” As a father and grandfather Deacon Christ shared how he has been able to practice and encourage forgiveness. He said we must practice forgiveness to prevent hatred and fear from lingering in our hearts. “One cannot remain a prisoner of the past. Break the chains, so past events will not haunt us,” he advised. Before closing off the evening, which begun with a joyful outpouring of song, Deacon Christ led the full congregation in a candle light reflection. In his address Father Adam reminded the congregation that the 2019 Lenten Mission, which was themed “Becoming His disciples”, doesn’t end now. “We are now equipped to continue the mission of the Lord.” The reflection themes of the week all focussed on how to become and be a good disciple. The other themes were “Called and Gifted for Ministry” and “People of Faith, People of Hope”, which were discussed on Monday, March 25th and Tuesday, March 26th respectively.

On the last day, Mrs. Bowers gave the “ Thank you “ word on behalf of Fr. Adam, Fr. Yohanes an all the parishioners. A copy of the book “ Soualiga” written by Mr. G. van Veen was presented to Deacon Gooden as a token of our appreciation. For pictures of the three days, please click on the either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

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