Easter 2019 in pictures

The parish of St. Martin of Tours looks back at a very intensive Lenten and Easter 2019 period.
Many pictures were taken, too many to show all on this website. A selection was made and can been seen by clicking here. 

Kneelers and Hymnals in the various churches.

You are kindly requested to safeguard our church pews and kneelers, during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, prayers and meditation. After communion please put down and lift up the kneelers very softly and gently as your fellow parishioners are praying or meditating. Parishioners are also kindly asked not to bend the Hymnals or the pages as markers while using them.

Mrs. Carmen Carrington, oldest Catholic on SXM celebrates 100 years

Oldest Catholic celebrates 100 years

In church you will come across individuals from all walks of life. Doctors, teachers, nurses, mechanics, you name it. Therefore it’s no surprise that amongst the congregation we have a renowned fashion guru.  What is astonishing is that this special member in our congregation, Mrs. Carmen Carrington, who hails from Grand Case, is 100 years of age, making her the oldest living Catholic on Sint Maarten. Sitting comfortably in her rocking chair on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Carmen reflected on her years giving back to the Catholic church. Mrs. Carmen began sewing on Sint Maarten at an early age before moving to Manhattan, where she continued sewing, making her name as a renowned seamstress. By the time she returned to Sint Maarten Mrs. Carmen was the most sought after designer

Youth matters

-“The Little friends of Jesus” was installed as members of the Music Ministry in our Parish.

-The following groups participated in the Youth Mass on Sunday March 31, 2019
1. Little Friends of Jesus – Music ministry
2. The St. Joseph School Choir- They sang the Meditation song
3. The Youth Group – They” did the readings, announcements, prayers of the Faithful and were ushering.
4. The Confirmation candidates Year 2, Philipsburg Campus were in charge of the collection and participated in the offertory.

Please click the St. Joseph School Choir for more pictures

Pictures of activities in the parish 2

We welcome back Mrs. Carmen Bowers to our island and our Parish. Mrs. Carmen provides the beautiful pictures of activities within our church community that we all would like to attend. Unfortunately not all of us are able to attend. For those who were not there, here are pictures of

Please click the titel to see the pictures.

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